18000 BTU Floor mounted Unit | Ductless America




Unit Model: MFZ-KJ18NA & MUFZ-KJ18NAHZ


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Customize your ductless system to meet your exact needs and receive a fully installed estimated cost of your home improvement project. Prices can vary depending on each installation.

Fully installed Mitsubishi 18000 BTU 21.20 SEER floor-mounted single room.

Sleek floor-mounted units not only provide cooling and heating to your room, but they also monitor room conditions and adjust their fan speed to fine-tune your comfort.
Return air sensor monitor room conditions and automatically adjust to maintain the temperature you choose.

Highly-Efficient Inverter Technology:
Traditional systems operate on an inefficient cycle of 100% ON and 100% OFF.
With Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER-driven compressor technology, systems constantly measure conditions and then adjust compressor and fan speed up and down to maintain the desired temperature.

Cold Climates:
Hyper-Heating INVERTER technology provides exceptional performance down to -13F outdoor ambient, with 100% heating capacity at 5F outdoor ambient.

Easy-Access Washable Filters:
Front panels make it easy to access the filters. Instead of wasting money on a new filters several times a year, Mitsubishi Electric floor-mounted units use easy-to-clean, washable filters. You will never get caught without a filter again.

Remote Control:
You can monitor and adjust your system with a remote control, or just right from your smartphone or tablet when using a wireless interface. You will never again have to worry about making sure your system is on the right setting and temperature.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:
Both the indoor and outdoor units are extremely quiet. Indoor units operate as low as 19 dB(A) - that is quieter that a human whisper.

  • Included the installation of the ductless MUFZ-KJ18NAHZ outdoor unit mounted on an external wall bracket (if applicable) or mounted on a plastic pad on the ground level
  • Included the installation of the ductless MFZ-KJ18NA indoor floor mounted unit
  • Included the installation of refrigerant line from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit that will not exceed 8 feet. Additional charges may apply for the installation of refrigerant line exceeding 8 feet
  • Included remote wall mounted controller
  • Included Mitsubishi 12-year parts and compressor warranty. Ask your local contractor about the labor warranty
  • NOT INCLUDED A connection to an existing 220-volt power supply
  • NOT INCLUDED A refrigerant line cover




: 17,000

: 21,000

: 21.0

: 11.3


: 26 DB(A)

: NO


: A,N

: 5 Speed

: WK, 24H, SL