12000 BTU Ceiling recessed Unit | Ductless America




Unit Model: SLZ-KA12NA & SUZ-KA12NA


Payments as low as $97 per month with approved financing*


Customize your ductless system to meet your exact needs and receive a fully installed estimated cost of your home improvement project. Prices can vary depending on each installation.

Fully installed Mitsubishi 12000 BTU 15.4 SEER ceiling-recessed single room system.

Return air sensor on every units monitor room conditions and automatically adjust to maintain the temperature you choose. With four-way airflow, you can direct the air to where it is needed most and manage the unit thorough a variety of controller options.

Highly-Efficient Inverter Technology:
Traditional systems operate on an inefficient cycle of 100% ON and 100% OFF.
With Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER-driven compressor technology, systems constantly measure conditions and then adjust compressor and fan speed up and down to maintain the desired temperature.

With wider air distribution and less obstructive style, these indoor units blend well with your ceiling and do not require ductwork. Units can be placed in a hard ceiling with only a small access panel needed for servicing. Or, they easily fit a 2ft x 2ft drop ceiling. Most common installation is on the ceiling with the attic access.

Indoor Air Quality:
Front panels make it easy to access the filters. Instead of wasting money on new filters several times a year, Mitsubishi Electric floor-mounted units use easy-to-clean, washable filters. You will never get caught without a filter again.

Remote Control:
You can monitor and adjust your system with a remote control, or just right from your smartphone or tablet when using a wireless interface. You will never again have to worry about making sure your system is on the right setting and temperature.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:
Both the indoor and outdoor units are extremely quiet. Indoor units operate as low as 29 dB(A)

  • Included the installation of the ductless SUZ-KA12NA outdoor unit mounted on an external wall bracket (if applicable) or mounted on a plastic pad on the ground level
  • Included the installation of the ductless SLZ-KA12NA indoor ceiling recessed unit
  • Included the installation of refrigerant line from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit that will not exceed 8 feet. Additional charges may apply for the installation of refrigerant line exceeding 8 feet
  • Included Mitsubishi 12-year parts and compressor warranty. Ask your local contractor about the labor warranty
  • NOT INCLUDED A remote controller
  • NOT INCLUDED A connection to an existing 220-volt power supply
  • NOT INCLUDED A refrigerant line cover




: 11,100

: 13,600

: 15.4

: 9.6


: 30 DB(A)

: NO


: F

: 3 Speed