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Outdoor Unit

An assortment of Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Units provide a wide range of cooling and heating capacity from 2,800 to 54,000 Btu/h. Each outdoor unit is specially designed to power a single-indoor unit for single room applications — or up to eight indoor units for multiple-room applications. Mitsubishi Electric’s versatile systems have capabilities ranging from cooling-only, to Hyper-Heating for extreme climates, so you can be comfortable inside no matter what the conditions outside. The best part is you’ll never hear a thing, thanks to whisper-quiet technology that provides continuous operation at noise levels as low as 51 dB(A).


Outdoor Model: MXZ-2C20NANZ

Total Zones: 2

Product Type: Outdoor Heat Pump Unit – Hyper Heating

Product Line: M-Series

Unit Location: Outdoor

Indoor Model: Wall, Ceiling, Floor, H-Ducted, Multi-Position Units

Operating Mode: Cooling & Heating

Multi Zone Application: Yes

Branch Box: Not Required

Energy Efficiency (Non-ducted):

SEER: 17.0

EER: 13.5

HSPF: 9.8

COP: 4.0 (@47F), 2.77 (@17F)

Rated Capacity:

Cooling: 18,000/20,000 Btu/h

Heating @ 47F: 22,000/22,000 Btu/h

Electrical Data:

Voltage: 208/230V

Phase: 1

Frequency: 60Hz

MCA Indoor: 29.5Amp

Rec Fuse/Br Size: 40 Amp

Sound Pressure (Min/Max): 54/58 Db(A)

Operating Range:

Cooling: D.B. 14 to 115 F

Heating: W.B. -13 to 65 F

Net Weight: 187Lbs

Max. Refrigerant Line Length: 164 Ft

Max. Piping Length for Each Indoor Unit: 82 Ft

Max. Refrigerant Pipe Height: 49 Ft

Refrigerant: 410A

External Dimensions (In): 41-9/32(H) x 37-13/32(W) x 13(D)

* For multi-room product specifications, please contact a Ductless America Comfort Specialist.

  • Minimum of two Indoor Units must be connected to the MXZ-8C48NANZ.
  • Minimum installed capacity cannot be less than 12,000 Btu/h.
  • Total connected capacity must not exceed 130% of outdoor unit capacity.
  • System can operate with only one Indoor Unit turned on.
  • For Reference:
    • - MXZ-C Technical & Service Manual for detailed specifications and additional information per Indoor Unit Combination.
    • - MXZ Series Multi-Zone Indoor/Outdoor Combination Table for allowed unit combinations.
    • Up to 2 MVZ's may be connected to this system*.
    • When 2 MVZ's are connected, no additional indoor units can be used*.
    • When 1 MVZ is connected, additional indoor units can be connected.
    • When 1 MVZ is connected, total connected capacity must not exceed 130%.
    • *No limitation to the number of units connected when the SPTB1 accessory is used, total connected capacity must not exceed 130% (refer to SPTB1 documentation for more information)

Quiet operation ― as low as 51 dB(A);