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Frequently Asked Questions
Accessories are your choices to add on to your system. Line set covers are not required, but they are UV protected and will provide superior protection and a cleaner look to your refrigerant lines.
An outdoor unit can power between 1 and 5, or 8 indoor units depending on the specific model.
A zoned comfort solution combines a ductless ready outdoor unit with a ducted multi-position air handler to provide you with a system that can use ductless indoor units while still pushing air through your existing ductwork.
This depends on many different things. The size of your room, amount of windows, your desired style, etc' We can help you figure out what unit would be best for your situation, just drop us a line below.
A single room installation typically takes 6-8 hours to complete. For a multi-room installation, add 3-4 hours for each additional room.
The outdoor unit must be exposed to fresh air with a 3 foot perimeter in front and along the sides of the unit.
It can indeed and that is our preferred way of doing things. It assures that the system doesn't move as a result of ground erosion, and protects the unit from incidental damage.

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