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Here is How Build Your System Works...

Below is a step-by-step outline of how our Build-Your-System tool works.
Please review the steps and gather all specified information before you start to Build Your Ductless System.

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Step 1

Single vs. Multi Room

Are you interested in putting a ductless unit in just one room or more than one room?

Step 2

Unit Type

Select a style of unit based on your specific room needs.

Available Styles:
- Wall Mounted
- Floor Mounted
- Ceiling Recessed
- Horizontal Ducted

Step 3

Room Details

Fill in the details of each room.

To get an accurate estimate we need to know:

1. Length and width of the room
2. Number of windows the room has
3. Amount people in the room at one time
4. Estimated length the refrigerant line from an outside unit to reach the indoor unit located in the room.

Step 4


Add accessories to finalize your room unit, such as line set covers or premium control options.

Step 5


Review your system details and decide whether to start again, add or remove rooms or accessories, or finalize your design.

Step 6


Fill in your contact info to submit your system design to your local DuctlessAmerica.com Contractor Network Member.

They will then contact you to discuss your design, schedule a project location assessment, and answer any of your questions.

Ready to build your own ductless system?