January 02 2018 0comment

How Your Home’s Air Quality Can Affect Daily Life

Indoor air pollution is a major problem that affects countless homeowners throughout the country. We all know that outdoor pollutants, like car exhaust and smog, are dangerous for our health, but many people don’t realize that indoor pollutants can be just as harmful. What Are Indoor Pollutants? The most common pollutants indoors include: Radon, a […]

December 28 2017 0comment

Home Comfort Can Help You Achieve All of Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re like thousands of other Americans, the New Year means taking off some of the pounds that the holiday season packed on. However, it’s hard to feel like exercising and losing some of your winter weight when your house is freezing cold! It might sound silly, but reaching your resolutions can be much easier […]

December 26 2017 0comment

Resolve to Be More Energy Efficient this New Year

One of the most common resolutions that we see customers making every year is to be more energy efficient. While there are lots of small changes you can make around the house to lower your bills and use energy wisely, there are also bigger changes that will radically lower your energy consumption. A Small Change: […]

December 21 2017 0comment

Heat Pumps vs. Baseboard Heaters

Heat pumps and baseboard heaters are both effective ductless options for many homeowners. High-quality baseboard heaters are straightforward, reliable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional central air HVAC systems. However, split-ductless heat pumps take ductwork out of the equation and offer the same reliability and affordability. How are the two options different? Baseboard Heaters Baseboard heaters […]

December 19 2017 0comment

Why Has Your Energy Bill Skyrocketed?

Have you been wincing every time you receive a new energy bill in the mail? Cold winters mean steep energy bills, but there can be other sneaky reasons why your bill is climbing higher and higher every month. Check Your Appliances Some of the most significant electricity-wasters in your home are right around you all […]

December 14 2017 0comment

The 3 Most Common Winter Heat Pump Problems

While ductless systems and heat pumps are a great, efficient way to keep your home comfortable, they can encounter some unique problems during the winter months. Here are three of the most common winter heat pump problems and the best ways to fix them. Your Outdoor Heat Pump is Covered in Ice It is very […]

December 12 2017 0comment

How Fireplaces Are Changing Your Energy Bills

A warm fireplace might seem like the perfect way to stay cozy on a cold winter night, but using your fireplace could be making your energy bills skyrocket! How could your fireplace be driving your bills up and taking the heat out of your home? Check the Damper The primary energy problem with fireplaces is […]

December 07 2017 0comment

Quick Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Staying comfortable during the winter months doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. By incorporating many of these winter energy-saving tips into your daily life, you can make a big impact on your energy bills. Get Your Home Ready for Winter During the day, take advantage of the heat from the sun (which is totally free!). […]