February 06 2018 0comment

FAQs About Replacing Your HVAC System with a Ductless System

Are you considering replacing your HVAC system? At Ductless America, we talk to homeowners who are looking to replace an existing HVAC systems with efficient ductless systems on a daily basis. If you’ve got a question, we’ve got an answer (and there’s a good chance we’ve heard your question at least twice before!). What is […]

January 25 2018 0comment

4 Places Insulation Can Have the Biggest Impact in Your Home

When it comes to insulation, there is one thing that matters more than anything else—location, location, location! Most places in the home could benefit from added insulation, but targeting a few key locations can make a dramatic difference in your monthly energy bills. Attics If your home has space between your roof and the home […]

January 23 2018 0comment

HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Your furry friends are one of the best parts of your home, but they can also put a strain on your HVAC system. Pet dander and fur can unnecessarily stress your HVAC system and your personal allergies. If you have pets in your home, you should be investing extra time into your HVAC maintenance. How […]

January 18 2018 0comment

Space Heaters: Do’s and Don’ts

Sometimes, kicking on your heating system doesn’t seem like it’s worth it if you’re just sitting at your desk or on the couch watching television. In those cases, breaking out a small space heater is perfectly appropriate. Before you plug in your space heater, brush up on your space heater safety with these do’s and […]

January 16 2018 0comment

How to Heat and Cool a Sunroom

Whether you’re going to be adding a sunroom to your home in 2018 or looking for a better way to maximize your enjoyment of your current sunroom, adding a ductless system is the ideal solution to staying comfortable. Ductless America helps unite homeowners with effective sunroom heating and cooling solutions every day. Heating Your Sunroom […]

January 11 2018 0comment

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Heating System?

Winter is here, which means that your heating system is working overtime to keep you and your family comfortable. Unfortunately, winter is also the time of year when many heating problems start to appear. If you are considering upgrading your heating system, now is the time. Your Heating System is Getting Old When considering the […]

January 09 2018 0comment

14 Easy Ways to Save Water in and Around Your Home

As droughts continue to become more common throughout the world, water conservation is becoming more important. Saving water might seem difficult, but by altering a few key habits, you can cut your water usage in half (or more!). 14 Simple Tips for Conserving Water at Home Turn off the faucet when you are brushing your […]

January 04 2018 0comment

Keep Heat Inside of Your Home this Winter

It’s been a very cold winter, which means that many Americans are opening up their mailboxes to find steep energy bills. Staying warm isn’t easy when the heat that you’re paying for is slipping right out the window (or the crack underneath it). Here are five surefire ways to keep heat inside of your home […]