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Everything You Need To Know About Mini Splits

Everything You Want (and need) To Know About Ductless / Mini Split Systems   Ductless (mini-split) air conditioning systems are the most efficient HVAC systems you can have in your home. Making sure they make sense for you and your home is important.   What Is A Ductless System | Types of Ductless Systems | […]

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The Best Practices for Heating and Cooling a Basement

Whether you remodeled your basement or finished it for the first time, finding the right solution for heating and cooling a basement can be difficult. However, adding an HVAC system is the best way to make the space perfect for  year-round use. The Challenges of Heating and Cooling a Basement Keeping underground spaces comfortable means […]

Ecobee: the Key to a Smarter Home

What a time to be alive! Who would have predicted that today our thermostats could talk to us? Thanks to Ecobee, a company producing smart wifi thermostats, we can enjoy the luxury of ultimate home comfort. The Key to a Smarter Home Thermostats have come a long way from simply adjusting a knob and waiting […]

LightHouse: the Future of Home Security

Just as actual lighthouses bring guidance to ships, Lighthouse is shedding light on the future of home security. This home awareness device is the result of combining cameras with 3D sensors at Stanford. Who knew it would provide such a breakthrough approach to home comfort? Technology  Lighthouse provides a peace of mind while you are […]

Tesla Powerwall: Energy for the Future

What is a Powerwall? Known for their extraordinary ability to make electric vehicles, Tesla Motors has been able to revitalize the 21st-Century electric vehicle market. In 2015 they announced their intentions of use their existing technologies to revolutionize the home energy storage market through Tesla Powerwall, a home battery pack. The introduction of the Tesla […]