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December 26 2017 0comment

Resolve to Be More Energy Efficient this New Year

One of the most common resolutions that we see customers making every year is to be more energy efficient. While there are lots of small changes you can make around the house to lower your bills and use energy wisely, there are also bigger changes that will radically lower your energy consumption. A Small Change: […]

November 30 2017 0comment

Tips for Bringing Down Your Electric Bill Over the Upcoming Holidays

Inside Energy found that the typical American home, when fully outfitted with incandescent lights and elaborate holiday decorations could spend an extra $58.34 on their energy bill in December.  Switch to LED Lights Lights are one of the biggest reason that your power bill spikes during the holidays. Not only are you using more lights […]

November 23 2017 0comment

It’s That Time of Year! If You’re Hosting Guests Over the Holidays, Ductless Is the Way to Go

Are you hosting family and friends this holiday season? Whether you are throwing a holiday party or hosting the grandchildren overnight, a ductless system is the way to go when it comes to keeping your home comfortable this holiday season. Keep the Kitchen Cool A ductless unit in the kitchen is great for keeping you […]

November 21 2017 0comment

Green Ways to Clean Up After the Holidays

Every entertainment-minded homeowner knows that after the bells have jingled, the carolers have caroled, and Santa has come and gone, there is a lot of cleaning up to do. All the dish-doing, laundry-changing and under-the-tree vacuuming can run your power bill through the roof. Here are a few ways to keep your holidays merry and […]

November 09 2017 0comment

10 Energy-Efficient Ways to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? As you know, preparing the turkey, bean casserole, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie is a lot of work. While you are basting, chopping and glazing, your appliances are also working overtime. Here are some easy tricks to keeping energy costs down this Thanksgiving. Defrost Meat and Frozen Produce Before Cooking Move […]