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May 03 2018 0comment

Beat the Summer Heat with a Ductless System

Hot and humid weather in Maryland often means cranking up the air conditioner (and paying for it when bills arrive later). What if there was a way you could cut costs and still stay comfortable all summer long? Ductless systems are an innovative way to keep yourself cool and are more affordable than traditional ducted […]

May 01 2018 0comment

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Kick Off?

We haven’t had too much warm weather yet this year, but if you’re already noticing your air conditioner running for extended periods of time without kicking off, you should take care of the problem now. Air conditioning units that regularly cycle on and off or that stay running all day and night are a cause […]

April 26 2018 0comment

Free Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

Over the course of a year, heating and cooling bills can add up to over half of your total utility expenses. With summer only weeks away, now is the time to refresh your memory on how to make your air conditioner as energy efficient as possible. No-Cost Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy […]

April 09 2018 0comment

Spring Cleaning Your Ductless System

Just like you need to tune up your heating system in the fall to ensure cozy nights, you should check out your ductless system before the heat and humidity are in full swing. Investing a little bit in maintenance will have a significant payoff once the summer rolls around! The Importance of Hiring a Professional […]

April 05 2018 0comment

8 Things to Do Before Turning on the AC this Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Before you crank up your air conditioning for the summer, you should tackle some regular maintenance tasks to ensure your unit is in great condition and ready to keep your family cool. Here are 8 things that you should do before turning on the AC this summer. 8 Things […]

March 13 2018 0comment

What to Do with Your Air Conditioning When on Vacation

To turn off the AC or not to turn off the AC—that is the eternal question that has tormented vacationers for years. When summer rolls around, it’s hard to determine whether or not you should save some cash and leave your air conditioning off or crank it up to keep your home from getting too […]

March 08 2018 0comment

How to Choose the Right Size HVAC Unit

The right HVAC unit should keep your home comfortable from season to season, whether it’s a chilly winter or a hot and humid summer. Choosing the right unit is as much of an art as it is a science. Here are some of the key factors you should keep in mind when selecting the right […]

March 06 2018 0comment

How to Know Which HVAC Contractor is Best

Choosing an HVAC contractor is a serious decision, since some contractors go above and beyond to make customers happy while others cut corners that cost you money in the future. Doing your research is essential, as HVAC repairs and replacements are a significant investment. What should you look for when choosing an HVAC contractor? Over […]