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Everything You Need To Know About Mini Splits

Everything You Want (and need) To Know About Ductless / Mini Split Systems   Ductless (mini-split) air conditioning systems are the most efficient HVAC systems you can have in your home. Making sure they make sense for you and your home is important.   What Is A Ductless System | Types of Ductless Systems | […]

May 03 2018 0comment

Beat the Summer Heat with a Ductless System

Hot and humid weather in Maryland often means cranking up the air conditioner (and paying for it when bills arrive later). What if there was a way you could cut costs and still stay comfortable all summer long? Ductless systems are an innovative way to keep yourself cool and are more affordable than traditional ducted […]

May 01 2018 0comment

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Kick Off?

We haven’t had too much warm weather yet this year, but if you’re already noticing your air conditioner running for extended periods of time without kicking off, you should take care of the problem now. Air conditioning units that regularly cycle on and off or that stay running all day and night are a cause […]

April 26 2018 0comment

Free Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

Over the course of a year, heating and cooling bills can add up to over half of your total utility expenses. With summer only weeks away, now is the time to refresh your memory on how to make your air conditioner as energy efficient as possible. No-Cost Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy […]

April 24 2018 0comment

The Health Risks of AC Overuse

The weather in Maryland can be very unpredictable, especially in the spring months. While air conditioning brings a rush of relief in the heat of summer, AC overuse can lead to a variety of health problems. While the regular and responsible use of air conditioning is perfectly fine, keep these concerns in mind when going […]